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Gants noirs Vi-Ni non poudré à usage unique


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Put on single-use non-powdered Vi-Ni black gloves for impeccable hygiene

Vi-Ni gloves are obtained from an improved process for the manufacture of vinyl gloves. Nitrile paste is added to enhance the flexibility and strength of these protective devices. They are easy to put on and offer great comfort of use.

Gloves for every situation

Vi-Ni gloves are suitable for medical care. They allow healthcare staff to protect themselves from the risk of contamination. Indeed, both doctors and veterinarians are in constant contact with environments at high risk of infection.

Hand protection may also be required in the restaurant industry. For food handling, Vi-Ni gloves prevent germs from being transmitted in the hands of professionals. They then make it possible to optimize hygiene.

Vi-Ni single-use powder-free black gloves can also be used by professionals in other industries. Agents working in cleaning are among them.

Also, the use of Vi-Ni non-powdered black gloves for single use eliminates the risk of allergy. They do not contain latex proteins that can cause reactions in some people. Starch powder that may be allergenic is also removed during the manufacturing process.

Practical gloves

Their practicality makes the popularity of these new Vi-Ni gloves. They are also offered at an attractive price like vinyl gloves, but offer more advantages.

Indeed, Vi-Ni non-powdered black gloves have good elasticity. They can be put on and removed easily. When you wear them, you keep a good dexterity. Their flexibility allows for more precise gestures during the administration of care.

Vi-Ni gloves are suitable for long-term use. Their strength allows them to be worn longer than vinyl models. Waterproof and cut-resistant, these accessories provide optimal protection.

The single-use non-powdered Vi-Ni black gloves are sold in batches of 1,000 pieces.

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